Water treatment fundamentals: resources

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Looking to learn fundamentals of conventional water treatment? Here is a great overview from Dober Chemicals (https://www.dober.com/) that covers concepts of coagulation and flocculation, talks about different coagulant types and explains the pros and cons of the passive and active treatment systems: “Environmental Applications of Coagulants and Flocculants How to Know Which Tool to Use”. Read it here https://www.slideshare.net/AshleighBurkartReyes/environmental-applications-of-coagulants-and-flocculants

Coagulation-flocculation flowchart
Source: Zaleschi, L. et al. Environmental Engineering and Management Journal 2012, 11, 1517.

If you are looking for a deeper dive into the topic of conventional water treatment, check out this amazing resource from SUEZ Water: “Handbook of Industrial Water Treatment”. Find the handbook here: https://www.suezwatertechnologies.com/handbook/chapter-05-clarification

Learn how to select coagulants, optimize their dose rates and application: https://www.suezwatertechnologies.com/handbook/chapter-05-clarification#In-Line%20Clarification

Learn about coagulation/flocculation/sedimentation process and conventional clarification equipment: https://www.suezwatertechnologies.com/handbook/chapter-05-clarification#Conventional%20Clarification%20Equipment